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Top 5 most popular cheap sim in Japan

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    Cheap MVNO Sims are increasingly popular because of the cost of chestnuts and a variety of options, suitable for anyone's needs. Therefore, the cheap sim firms MVNO grow up like "mushrooms after rain" with enough quality "upper golden lower bran". If you don't find out, you'll easily choose a bad sim service. In order to help you choose the effective sim, this article will introduce the sim services that are cheap, diversified and good quality packages in Japan.

    According to the experience of cheap sim registration in Japan, you need:

    ❖ Credit card or credit card is available.

    ❖ Phone with Docomo, SoftBank, AU or international version.

    Besides, in order to use MVNO sim effectively in Japan, you need to choose sim carrier and service package that best suits your needs. Let's take a look at the following 5 cheap sim services!

    Cheap SIM SIM LINE Mobile

    Perhaps there is no need to introduce much about the popularity of LINE Mobile - the brother and the supply with LINE application that has been "storming" in Japan.

    Advantages of sim Mobile LINE:

    ❖ Free capacity when using social networks like Line, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can post photos to feed and surf even when you have used up the capacity of the package.

    ❖ Free call and free video call.

    Hoạt Flexibly buy more capacity in the month, do not fix the package in the month.

    ❖ Unused storage this month will be automatically transferred to the next month.

    Line Line Mobile's contract period is 1 year, this is a reasonable time for those with short-term visas.

    ❖ No credit card is required and can still register for a LINE mobile sim thanks to the payment feature via LINE pay.

    LINE Mobile is suitable for those who want to experience high speed when using fake sim cards and often use SNS like facebook, twitter, instagram ...

    Promotion : Currently the cheap SIM LINE MOBILE is applying the program to reduce the fee of 1.390 円 for the first 3 months when registering a new calling sim or switching the network to keep the number MNP.


    Cheap SIM  Biglobe Mobile

    Biglobe is a cheap sim card that can be used for both AU and Domoco networks. This is a reputable low cost sim service and always recognizes feedback from users to positively improve and bring better service experience to users in Japan.

    Advantages of sim Biglobe:

    ❖ Credit card waiver when registering sim cards if you are a Biglobe member. Free credit card when registering sim data for all users.

    ❖ Watch Youtube and Ameba TV unlimited with an optional free entertainment package.

    ❖ Free use of the first month.

    ❖ Offer bonus when introducing acquaintances to use and allow sharing data capacity.

    ❖ The remaining capacity will be saved and used for next month.

    Promotion: From 01/01/2014 to 2019/05/12 Cheap SIM BIGLOBE MOBILE is applying the program to reduce the fee of 1,200 円 for the first 6 months when registering new calling sim or switching the network to keep the number MNP.


    Cheap SIM UQ Mobile

    UQ Mobile Sim only supports unlocked phones of AU or international versions.

    Advantages of sim UQ Mobile:

    The fastest rated transmission speed among MVNO carriers uses AU network, stable in every hour frame.

    ❖ Can use MMS.

     Provides unlimited packages of data using high-speed LTE transmission.

    ❖ Receive 5 minutes of domestic calls every month when registering sim card packages.

    Sim UQ Mobile is the number 1 option for those who are using an AU phone without unlocking and have not yet equipped their credit cards.


     Cheap SIM DMM Mobile

    Cheap sim card DMM is the sim series that gives users a variety of data packages that are currently the most popular in the market, so many Japanese prefer it.


    Advantages of DMM sim:

    ❖ Wide selection of packages of data usage, spread evenly from 1GB to 20GB packages

    ❖ Stable transmission speed

    ❖ Unused storage this month will be automatically transferred to the next month

    You can see the superiority of DMM sim package is suitable for users who need to use low capacity packages, especially less capacity packages such as 1GB, 2GB ...



    Cheap SIM Rakuten Mobile

    Many of you already know or hear much about Rakuten because it is a supplier of cheap sim cards that are very popular with Japanese users for many consecutive years.


    Advantages of sim Rakuten:

    ❖ Free freight for the first month of use.

    ❖ This month's excess capacity is transferred to the next month.

    ❖ It is possible to share capacity for other devices as well as use multiple machines to access data.

    LTE LTE transmission of Rakuten is rated as the fastest in the low cost sim line.

    ❖ Allow Rakuten points to be charged when paying freight (100 yen = 1 point).

    ❖ Receive double points when buying goods at Rakuten system.

    Thus, Rakuten sim is suitable for those who usually buy items at Rakuten system. If you want to plow a movie or like to drop it, Rakuten may not be able to choose the right one for you. You should also note that Rakuten sim does not have a Hodai utility.


    Above is a combination of top 5 cheap sim in Japan has received many positive reviews from users. Each sim company has its own strong points, consider and choose the most suitable sim and register for yourself a cheap high quality sim in Japan!

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