7 Reasons why you can't get credit card approval in Japan

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Living, studying and working in Japan sometimes you need a credit card to easily pay when shopping online as well as if you run out of cash. But when you register for a card, you only receive a letter of refusal from the bank without knowing why. This article will help you know some of the very easy reasons why you will not be approved for credit cards in Japan.

When you are denied a credit card, the bank only sends a notice of unapproved results to you. Without even stating the reason why you were rejected :)) But the main reasons as I know it are as follows:

1. Have a debt with another card issuer that has not been paid

If you have a credit debt with an old card issuer that has not been paid or has been late in payment of the payment when it is due. This is probably the biggest reason why you are not approved when registering for a card.

Because if you have the above, you will be blacklisted by credit institutions. There is a network for banks to check the information blacklisted people do not issue new credit cards to avoid repetition.


2. Declaration information when registering cards is not uniform

This is also a common mistake that many people make without knowing it. In order to be approved for credit card issuance, you need to accurately declare the information requested by the card issuer. Although only one wrong information can cause you to be denied immediately. Therefore please confirm the information carefully when signing up to avoid getting unwanted results.

There is a detail that many of you in Japan often do not pay attention to when you sign up for a credit card that is bank information for you to pay for your credit card. When you move a new address but do not report a request to change the address with the bank, so your information in the bank is still the old address information. Therefore, when you sign up for a credit card, you write down the information as the new address, but when confirming the information, the card provider finds that the information is not matching, so it will deny you.

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3. Unstable income

If your annual income is less than 100 man annually, you will definitely not be approved for credit card in Japan.

If you are an international student, it will be more difficult for you to obtain a job with a stable job and income.

Based on your annual income, you should choose the appropriate credit limit to make it easier to browse. When registering a card, choose the lowest limit and then use a time without violation and upgrading the limit will be very easy. Because now you are very prestigious in the eyes of the bank: D

4. Working time in the company is less than 1 year

When you work at the current company for less than 1 year, you will be judged as unstable work -> your income is unstable so it is easy to miss.


5. Borrowing debt from another credit company 1/3 of annual income

You are in debt to credit companies with large amounts of money so your ability to pay new debts will be in doubt. Therefore, it is difficult for you to get approval if you have not paid your old debts or increased your annual income.

6. Make over 4 different credit cards in the last 6 months

Issuing too many credit cards in a short time will cause organizations to suspect that you will flare money so be careful with you.

7. Not yet approved by parents when registering for a card (for those who are under 18)

In Japan, if not yet 18 years old, financial-related activities must be approved by parents. So if your parents or sponsors have not agreed to let you make a credit card, banks cannot issue your card.

These are some of the main reasons why you are denied a credit card registration in Japan. Hopefully the article will help you avoid getting these errors and soon get a card!

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