Top 5 most popular high-speed wireless networks in Japan


Top 5 most popular high-speed wireless networks in Japan

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You have just moved into a new home and want to install high-speed fixed wifi to use. But there are many wifi networks on the market and you do not know which is the best and most reasonable. This article will introduce you to the top 5 most popular types of fixed wifi in Japan.

Because fixed wireless uses a physical network with high speed, it is suitable for those who need to use high-speed network:

Because fixed wireless uses a physical network with high speed, it is suitable for those who need to use high-speed network:

❖ People who play games online or watch movies and youtube so much.

❖ People who live with many others using the wifi at the same time.

❖ People who often use a laptop to upload or download heavy data from the internet.

Conditions for registering fixed wifi in Japan

❖ You live in Japan

❖ Your visa validity is more than 1 year.

❖ You have a bank account or a credit card.

Top 5 most popular cheap sim in Japan

Au wireless ひかり

AU fixed wireless has been the best wifi in Japan for many years. AU brand also offers new users many promotions with cash up to 11 man. The quality of AU fixed wireless is very good. the download speed checked by speedtest is 439 Mbps and upload speed is  351 Mbps, really fast.

❖Maximum internet speed: 1Gbps.

❖ Term of contract: 3 years

❖ Free installing as well as the charge for the first month using.

❖ Monthly service price:

+ 5.600¥: private apartments

+ 3.800¥: applied for マンション or アパート with more than 16 bedrooms

❖ Conditions for registering: Visa validity is more than 1 year.

❖ Payment: Credit card or bank account.


❖ New users: Receiving at least 60,000 yen, including 25.000 yen after using 3 months and 35.000 yen after using 1 year.

❖ New users from other networks: receive maximum at 30.000 yen and 25.000 yen after 3 months using, 35.000 yen after 1 year using.

To receive the maximum at 115.000 yen, you just need to register with other services. But at least, you will receive 60.000 yen as a new user.


Softbank wireless 光

Dog wifi or Softbank wifi is always among the top favorite choices for users. The transmission speed is stable and high helps the users feel comfortable and do not have to worry about the quality.

❖ maximum speed: 1Gbps.

❖ term of the contract: 2 years ( automatically renewing the service package)

❖ Fine for breaking contract: 9,500 yen

❖ Registering condition: visa validity is more than 1 year

❖ Payment: credit card or bank account.

❖ The expense for installing: 24.000円, this will be paid in two years in case the carrier does not install the internet cable. In case of having the cable, the expense for installing is 2 sen.

Promotions for new users:

Receive .000 25,000 cash (Payment in the 4th month after the registration date) or deduct 25,000 ¥ from the monthly fee during 24 months of use. When you register on the 5th, 11, 15, 22, 25 monthly. Other days, you will receive a promotion of 15,000 yen.



Nuro wireless 光

Nuro is one of the top three internet giants in Japan (NTT, AU, NURO) with the remarkable speed which can reach up to 2Gbps. Being chosen by people who love high-speed, Nuro can only cover about 40 percent in Japan. So before registering, you need to check if you are in Nuro coverage or not.

❖ Maximum speed:2Gbps.

❖ Term of contract: 2 years

❖ Free installing

❖ Monthly fee: 4.743¥~

❖ Breaking contract fee: 9.500円.

❖ Contract fee: 3000円.

Promotions when registering Nuru fixed wireless:

+ Receive 30.000¥ if you are a new user

+ Recieve 35.000¥ when you install Nuro fixed wireless for your phones and landlines.


Biglobe wireless 光

❖Maximum speed:  1Gbps.

❖ Free installing: 0¥.

❖ Monthly fee:

+ 3.980¥applied for マンション or アパート.

+ 4.980¥ applied for private apartments

❖Contract fee: 3.000 円.

❖Breaking contract fee: 20.000 円.

Promotions of wifi Biglobe:

From 2019-04-01 to  2019-06-02, when you register Biglobe Hikari fixed Hillary, you can choose one out of two:

+ Recieve 25.000¥ if you are a new user

+ Receive 25.000, paying for services price each month in one year.


So-net wireless 光

❖ Maximum speed:  1Gbps.

❖ Term of contract: 3 years

❖ Free installing: 0¥.

❖ Monthly fee:

+ 4.480¥ applied for マンション or アパート.

+ 5.580¥ fr private apartments.

❖ Contract fee 3.000円.

❖ Breaking contract fee: 9.500円.

Promotions: You can choose one in two promotions:

+ Receive 30.000¥: applied for new users

+ Receive 20.000¥: reduce 1000 yen in 11 months  for the monthly service price


I have just introduced you top 5 high-speed wireless in Japan, which are used by both oversea students and trainees. I hope you can have more information to have the last decision. 

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