What is MNP code? How to get the MNP code to transfer the network to maintain the phone number in Japan

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In order to create conditions for mobile phone customers in Japan to have the opportunity to choose a better telecommunications service provider. Without having to bother to change the number of new subscribers when switching to a new network with the number service MNP. So what is the MNP number? Let's find out a little bit about it.

What is the MNP code?

MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is a network service that allows mobile subscribers to switch networks that provide services and still retain their current phones.

In Japan, if you want to switch to a new network where the contract with the carrier you are using is still valid, you must pay a cancellation penalty fee of 9,500 won. Therefore, you should consider switching the MNP number at the end of the contract with the carrier, or at the time the other carrier has a big promotion to make up for the above payable penalty.


Quy trình chuyển mạng giữ nguyên số tại Nhật Bản

Ở đây mình xin ví dụ bạn đang sử dụng mạng AU  và có ý định chuyển sang dùng sim giá rẻ Line Mobile. Lúc này quy trình để bạn chuyển sang dùng sim Line và giữ nguyên số điện thoại cũ mà bạn đang dùng của mạng AU như sau.


Step 1: Go directly to the phone store of AU or you can call the operator's switchboard to request MNP code.

If you call the switchboard, just say MNP 予 約 番号 を 取 り た い す。。 (MNP よ や く ば ん ご う を り た い で で す). At this time, the staff will often ask you why you want to get the MNP number. If you want to switch to another network because the fee is cheaper or there are many friends using that network, you want to switch to that network.

The duration of the MNP number is 15 days from the date the carrier provides you. If the above time limit you use to transfer to another network, that MNP number will be canceled and your contract with the current network will remain the same as if nothing has happened.

Call center to get MNP code of some big network operators in Japan, you can refer to the picture below.


Step 2: After obtaining the MNP number provided by the network, use it to register the contract with the new network provider you want to switch to. In this particular example is the cheap Line Mobile sim network.

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Step 3: After successfully registering your SIM at the new network (Line Mobile), in about 1 week you will receive a SIM or even a phone if you order both SIM and phone at registration.

Step 4: Set up the APN for the newly received SIM and use it.

I wish you luck and soon get the MNP number to switch to the new network you want.

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