Sim UQ Mobile - cheap, fast and stable sim solution in Japan

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Sim UQ Mobile - cheap, fast and stable sim solution in Japan

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Want to find cheap sim with fast communication speed? You wonder what kind of sim you choose between many MVNO firms in Japan? If so, UQ Mobile sim is one of the perfect solutions to meet all your needs. This article will provide you with all information about UQ Mobile sim, pros and cons as well as packages and registration fees. Let's take a look at the information below to understand more about UQ Mobile sim!

Who is Sim UQ Mobile for?

If you are using a smartphone with AU and are looking for cheap sim, fast connection, UQ Mobile is the perfect sim package for you. It can be said, UQ Mobile sim is suitable for anyone and is the most popular sim in the cheap sim on the market today.

Why should I use sim UQ Mobile?

Among many floating cheap sims on the market, UQ Mobile stands out with the following advantages:

- AU transmission speed is fast, stable throughout the day, best in low cost sim cards.

- Allow to use MMS.

- Many sim package options include unlimited packages of data.

- Provide communication services such as large networks, allowing the use of large data capacity at the speed of "lightning".

- Support debt transfer, no fee.

It can be seen, UQ Mobile sim possesses many outstanding points compared to other cheap sim cards. Let's learn more about these advantages through the following information!

The best transmission speed in cheap sim line

Normally, when using other low-cost sims, the transfer rate is often slow, especially at night. However, when using UQ Mobile you will not have to encounter that situation, but always experience the fastest connection speed up to 500 kbps in every hour frame at the price of a cheap sim.

If you do a simple comparison, even the speed of UQ Mobile's communication is no less than what the major media outlets are.

Diverse data plan packages to choose from

UQ Mobile provides a variety of data packages including: 3GB / month, maximum 60GB / month, 2GB-14GB / month. Details are as follows:

- High-speed data sim package includes: 3GB / month and digital sim

- Sim pack with unlimited data: maximum 60GB / month and digital sim, fast data capacity up to 6GB / 3 days.

- Package お し ゃ べ り プ ラ ン: with 3 choices of 2GB / month or 6GB / month or 14GB / month and all come with 5 minutes free call. This is the right package for people who need a lot of phone calls.

- Package ぴ っ た プ ラ ン: with 3 choices of 2GB / month or 6GB / month or 14GB / month and comes with 60-180 minutes of free call. This is the perfect package for those who like to chat over the phone.

Comfortable watching videos when using unlimited data packages with smartphones

UQ mobile offers unlimited data packages that allow you to use fast speeds up to 500 kbps with a maximum capacity of 60GB / month, of which up to 6GB / 3 days.

If you use more than 6GB in a 3-day period, the connection speed will be limited to 200 kbps, but this is almost impossible even if you watch the video drop up to 10 hours per day.

UQ Mobile's excellent transmission speed allows you to watch a video on YouTube with 360p image quality from start to finish without stopping, if only stop for a very short time.

Using UQ Mobile with unlimited data package is the most quality solution, the most economical for those who love watching videos on their smartphones.

Free direct debit and credit cards when using UQ Mobile

Although many other packages such as Ratuken Mobile, OCN Mobile ONE, BIGLOBE Mobile also allow you to directly debit but are always limited, not as convenient as UQ Mobile. No term:

- With Ratuken Mobile: requires direct debit fee of 100 yen / month, not allowed to be made by direct debit when canceling

- With OCN Mobile ONE: free direct debit but must wait 3 weeks to complete the procedure.

- With BIGLOBE Mobile: requires direct debit fee of 200 yen / month.

Meanwhile, MQ Mobile is completely free when direct debit and execution time is equal to regular payment. Therefore, UQ Mobile offers the most benefits in MVNO categories.

Information sim packages UQ Mobile



Information related costs when using UQ Mobile sim cheap

- Sim package fee: 300 yen

- Call cancellation fee for 12 months: 9,500 yen

- High-speed data package or unlimited data package with SMS: 140 yen / month

- Basic phone package (answering machine): 380 yen / month

- Compensation fee for terminal: 380 yen / month

- Fee for mail package: 200 yen / month

- Service call fee: 100 yen / month

Some support information when using UQ Mobile package

UQ Mobile package does not limit data not suitable for laptops

Because laptops require a communication speed of at least 1 mbps while UQ Mobile does not limit data to only guarantee 500 kbps (or 0.5 Mbps), so the UQ Mobile package is not recommended for use on laptops.

For good use on laptops, you need a high-speed data plan. In case you use more than 10GB / month and need more data, you should use WiMAX 2+.

Use excellent quality MMS

When using UQ Mobile, you will pay a service fee of 200 yen / month and in return you can use MMS service, send secure email without worrying about your email falling into spam mailbox.

This is the outstanding advantage of UQ Mobile compared to other MVNOs. If you've ever used or found out, other MVNOs allow you to use your own MVNO email, but when sending mail, your email will fall into a spam mailbox. Meanwhile, with UQ Mobile, you can safely send mail anytime, anywhere.

Using email from UQ Mobile requires installing Hangouts

To use UQ Mobile's email address, you need to install the Hangouts app for your smartphone. In addition, this application will also help you minimize problems when using SMS, MSM.

However, you need to set up additional items in APN before installing Hangouts version 8. This is the latest and safest Hangouts version, which helps you send and receive email conveniently and quickly when using the service. email of UQ Mobile.

Communication restrictions of UQ Mobile

UQ Mobile's communication speed is 500 kbps, but when you exceed the GB of the subscription package, the communication speed will be limited to 200 kbps.

So, you have just seen all the details about sim UQ Mobile. Hopefully the above information will help you in choosing a cheap sim card with the best quality today.

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