Detailed instructions on how to get back Nenkin money after returning home

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Detailed instructions on how to get back Nenkin money after returning home

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Coming to Japan to study and work is the dream of many people and not everyone fulfills their dreams with the same time. He chose the dream of living in the country of the rising sun, who chose to stick with only a period of time. During the time of living, studying and working in Japan, you must be no stranger to mandatory insurance and tax payments, especially Nenkin money. The good news for you is that this money will be refunded after you return to the country only if you follow the instructions on how to get back Nenkin money as the information below.

What is Nenkin money?

Nenkin is a retirement insurance in Japan. Paying money for Nenkin is the duty of all people aged 20-60 who are living in Japan, including foreigners.

For Japanese people and those who plan to settle permanently in Japan, Nenkin is a reasonable insurance premium, guarantees personal retirement benefits later and receives support in case of injury or death in advance. 65 years old. However, if you are an international student or just come to Japan to work for a few years, don't worry, the money will be returned after returning home.

Conditions to get back Nenkin Japan money

To get Nenkin Japan tax refund, you need to meet the following conditions:

- There are other Japanese nationalities

- Time to participate in paying Nenkin over 6 months

- Currently no longer living in Japan

- Never received Nenkin money benefits and disability benefits

- Application time for taking Nenkin money back is not more than 24 months from the date of exit from Japan

Detailed instructions on how to get Nenkin money back each time

Nenkin money is refunded to you in 2 times, 79.58% for the first time and 20.42% for the second time. The procedure of getting money back to nenkin each time is also different, you need to pay attention, look carefully and follow the instructions.

How to get the first Nenkin money back
In order to get the first Nenkin Japan tax refund, you need to prepare the following documents:

- Passport photo including the stamp of the exit date of the last Japan leave

- Original Nenkin book - 年金 手 帳

- Certificate of opening a bank account in Vietnam, including bank name, branch name, branch address, account number, account holder (account holder must be the name of the person who regained Nenkin's money) .

This paper requires a bank certification mark. To be sure, you should choose to open an account at major banks in Vietnam strong in international transactions so that you can easily receive money from Japan.

- Application for refund Nenkin - 脱 退 一時 金 請求 書

After preparing the necessary documents, you send to Nenkin Center in Japan according to the following information:

If your papers are complete and valid, the process will take about 3-4 months. After that, you will receive the Nenkin money order notification 脱 退 一時 金 支 給 決定 通知書 from Japan. This form will show how much of the first Nenkin you have been granted and how much to pay to the tax office. Nenkin money will be sent directly to your Vietnamese account.

In case your documents are missing, they will send you back. Therefore, you should prepare your records carefully so that the procedure can be quickly implemented and received early.

Important notes when completing the Nenkin refund application form - 脱 退 一時 金 請求 書

- From items 1 to 5: complete the information, otherwise the paper will be returned.

- Sections 3 and 4 need to fill in the uppercase letters for the contents: name, date of birth, address of the applicant and the receiving account.

- Section 5 is the content of the book information Nenkin. You see and fill in 2 information of the book code and the basic subsidy code.

- At the pension fund for Japanese pension agencies, you don't enter anything here

- Before submitting the Nenkin book according to the documents, you should save the book number and basic subsidy code to prevent it when you need to use it later for comparison.

How to get the 2nd Nenkin money back
The second procedure to get money back to nenkin is more complicated than the first because one of the mandatory conditions is that you must be in Japan. However, at this time, you are in Vietnam and do not have a visa to Japan, it is difficult to make your own documents. Therefore, you have 2 ways to get your 2nd Nenkin money back:

- Option 1: Through support services to get Nenkin money in Vietnam. The average charge on the service charge is 20% of the total amount of Nenkin 2 you receive.

- Method 2: Before leaving Japan, you need to register in advance with the tax office where your last residence is the tax administration representative - 所得税 ・ 消費 税 の 納税 管理人. This person will, on your behalf, go to the tax office to carry out the procedure to get the 2nd Nenkin money back, receive Nenkin money into their account and return it to you.

Your legal representative may be a Japanese individual or a foreigner who has legal status and legal residence in Japan.

In order to get the 2nd Nenkin Japan tax refund, you need to prepare the following documents:

- Original 1st Nenkin money order notice - 脱 退 一時 金 支 給 決定 通知書

- Information of your full name, address and address of your company during your stay in Japan (note the number of the mailbox and photo of the alien card attached)

- Original Nenkin book - 年金 手 帳

- Copy of passport

So you know the details of how to get the Nenkin Japan money for the first and second time. Although the processing time of the procedure takes several months, in return the documents and steps are very clear and easy. Be prepared and careful enough to get this Nenkin money back soon after returning to your country.

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