The procedure of guaranteeing a wife through Japan is for an engineer visa

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This time many people ask too much, so I wrote a general article about the preparation procedures to sponsor my wife / child to Japan FOR ENGINEER VISA (I only have experience with visa engineer, but I think Other work visas are also self-contained). There are a lot of articles on the internet, but all in general and not directly from people so people are not confident to do. In fact, the procedure of guaranteeing a wife is very easy, but it is foolish to hire a lawyer to lose money. I still have poor Japanese skills but still can do it.

Prepare from Country

① - Marriage certificate (婚姻 届 受 証明書)

(translate Japanese and notarize 1 copy.)

② - Photocopier's passport (not needing a copy)

③ - Birth certificate (出生 証明書) (for child guarantee)

(translate Japanese and notarize 1 copy.)

④ - 3cmx4cm profile picture of wife / child (1 sheet.)

Notarized copies and photos made within 6 months to the time of application.

Particularly, the notarized version according to the work done, apart from the stamped translation, I also request them to have a pledge that is the translation content as the original (bilingual), signed and sealed. After that, we put together 3 sheets of overlap (copy of the original copy, the translation sheet, the commitment sheet).

⑤ - Photo taken with 2 people, or the whole family (me, wife and children), letter showing the situation. (These 2 are not love, but due to many fake marriage cases to guarantee, there is this setting to make the department more secure about your case). This is because I learn a lot online and ask senior seniors here. The content of the letter is to describe the specific situation.

Want husband and wife, children to live together to care for each other, or get married but the wife has not yet elected to want to welcome his wife to give birth to a child when he was young ... something like that. Some people even wrote specifically about his wife, who went out to play together (with photos), married when ... Photos taken together 2 ng should be wedding photos.

Prepare in Japan
⑥ - Certificate of employee of the company (在職 証明書).

Please at the company, stamp (1 copy).

⑦ - Salary summary table (年 賃 金 台帳).

Please at the company, stamp (1 copy).

Monthly payroll but up to the company, please sum up to A3, with deductions such as income tax, citizenship, insurance ...

⑧ - Tax certificate has 2 types:

- 納税 証明書 (1 copy.)

- 課税 証明書 (1 copy.)

Please at 市 役 所.

- In case you are new to Japan to work, on the paper of tax payment, it is 0 円.

- Experience: To avoid headaches in this section, you can just ask Shi to ask for these two papers, they will tell me which paper is available, which paper. After saying it is just granting the paper and writing it as 0 円.

- Tax payment documents are of the previous year, so where were I last year when I went to shi of that region to apply, not the current shi living. But so on the current shi asked, ngta will guide enthusiastically.

If the old shi is too far away, it is possible to send a letter stating the name, date of birth, alien code, old address, want to ask for something, enclose the fee (1 sheet of 300 円) with a sealed envelope of 82 円 write Current address to shi they sent.

⑨ - Confirm account balance.

Usually put quite an amount in the account (about 100m or more) and then print out the bank book and copy the first page and the pages with the bank statement of the bank account. If you do not have it, then borrow your friends, print it and return it, so it is not difficult. Since printing is done, there is no need to leave money in the account.

⑩ - Copy of alien card (1 copy.)

⑪ - Copy of passport (1 copy.)

⑫ - Residence certificate (住民 票) (1 copy.) Please live in shi currently living

⑬ - Ordinary envelope with stamps available (stamp 392 yen).

Specify your mailing address. Buy at コ ン ビ ニ or post office. This is so that the Department of Immigration can send the paper about to buy so it is a little big to avoid paper folding.

⑭ - Application for residence status (在 留 資格 認定 証明書 交付 申請書) (1 set of 3 sheets)

- Go to the local immigration department to ask or download the application form (There is an Excel version for importing the machine or PDF version for handwriting) at the link:

Section 11 【家族 滞 在】 ・ 【特定 活動 (研究 活動 等 家族)】 ・ 【特定 活動 (EPA 家族)】

- Fill in the information according to the form I sent with the photo.







- Address of the Department of Immigration Department or an immigration office at the link:

- When you submit a person of the department will check through, if there is no problem, you will receive 1 item when your profile number, you remember this code, when there is a problem, contact them then read this code to check.

- Usually there is no problem, after 1 month, there will be residence status, they will be sent back by envelope in item 13 above. There is a quick place, 2 weeks is available. If there is a lack of records or problems, the department will send a letter to my house asking me to supplement or explain how it depends. Of course the waiting time will be longer.

- The information must be identical to each other, so will the application for visa in Japanese Embassy in Vietnam.

After obtaining the status of residence, send home, wife at home will bring the file to the Japanese Embassy for Visa
Records include :

❖ Paper of residence status sent in Japan (original + photo)

❖ Passport of wife / child

❖ Marriage registration (original copy + photo)

Sinh Birth certificate (original copy + photo)

❖ Visa application form on the homepage of the Japanese embassy in Vietnam.

❖ 3x4 photo behind the name.

That's it, it's very simple, isn't it? Just give up your research a little bit that you can sponsor your loved ones without losing a lawyer. Even if you sound poorly, it's ok. My voice is also very poor. At N4, kanji is no longer N5. Há há @@

Above is the actual experience I have done, if done as above, the profile is quite strong. I made a broadcast right after 1 month after receiving a TCLT certificate, I submitted it at Saitama.


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