How to schedule a delivery date when you are away from home with yamato

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How to schedule a delivery date when you are away from home with yamato

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When goods like Yamato (Kuroneko) deliver goods to your house, you don't have a house or no one. Usually they will return the item to the next 1-2 days but do not know when you have a home at that time. So how can I reschedule with the shipping company on the date of delivery that I have a home to receive goods here.

There are 2 ways to reschedule the delivery date with Yamato staff

Schedule a delivery date with Yamato over the phone

You just need to call the delivery staff directly with the phone number listed on the information card they have left in the mailbox.

You call the number listed in the section 担当 ド ラ イ バ ー 直通 and set the date and time you want to receive the goods. If you have any weak voices that you have not heard, you can reschedule your pick up with Yamato online.


Schedule a delivery date with Yamato via the Internet

Step 1: To reschedule the receiving date with yamato, you can access or press the button below.

Click on 再配 達 を 依 頼 す る in the section ス ス ト 利用 の 方 は こ ち ら if you do not want to register as a member of Yamato Kuroneko.


Step 2: Enter the number 伝 票 番号 your order information on the slip they leave for you. Then select 次 次


Step 3: Select the date and time you want them to return the goods and enter the recipient information, phone number and postal code. then press 次 へ


Step 4: Select the area you live in according to the postal code you provided above.


Step 5: Enter details of receiving address and then click on 次 へ


Step 6: Confirm the information, if there is nothing wrong, click on こ の 内容 で 確認 す る


Step 7: Complete


As such, I have finished guiding how to reschedule the delivery date with Yamato company (Kuroneko). After receiving your request, Yamato company will come to deliver the goods on time and you have an appointment, then remember to stay home to receive the goods !!!

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