How to find free Japanese classes in Japan

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How to find free Japanese classes in Japan

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To help foreign students or trainees working in Japan improve their Japanese language skills. In Japan there are many free volunteer classes run by the districts every week. Participating in this class, students will be free or only pay a little fee to support travel expenses for teachers or organize events. Finding these classes is also very easy, so if you want to join the class, you can find and register for study.

What is a voluntary Japanese class

As a Japanese class organized by prefectures across Japan with a force of teachers who are retired elders who want to contribute to society or young volunteers, assigned officials in charge community service.

The purpose of the voluntary Japanese class is to help you increase your ability to communicate in Japanese. Going to class is an opportunity for you to practice listening to native teachers with short ス ピ ー チ or conversations and of course there will be homework for you too.


How to find a free Japanese class in Japan

Method 1: To find these free Japanese classes, you can use the keyword ボ ラ ン テ ィ ア 日本語 教室 + where you live.

Example: I am in 葛 飾 区 district, I will type the keyword ボ ラ ン テ ィ ア 日本語 教室 葛 飾 区

Method 2: Access the website providing free Japanese class information or click the button below.

Then select the area you want to find classes.



There will now be a list of classes in the area you selected displayed. You will see information about classes such as class time, location, contact by email or phone number.


It's simple, right ! Wish you soon find a free Japanese class and improve your Japanese level.

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