Procedures for changing a Vietnamese motorcycle driver's license through Japanese 125CC from A-Z

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You are (going to) live and work in Japan and want to use a motorbike to go to work or play, but you don't have a driver's license in Japan. If you have a motorcycle driver's license in Vietnam, you can proceed to change to a Japanese license. Japanese is called "外国 免 許 の 切 り 替 え" (Gaikoku menkyo no Kirikae), abbreviated as "外 免 切 替" (Gaimen Kirikae).

Registration procedure

Necessary documents :

1 - By motorbike in Vietnam: By original, from the time of getting the license until the time when it is valid, there must be more than 3 months in Vietnam. This time can be accumulated for return visits.

In Saitama, they demanded to be as original as when they were granted in Vietnam. That is with new plastic or plastic molding. If it is flexible or changes its shape, it does not allow it to be tested (at first I was in Saitama, I finished the translation and brought it to the center, then I could not give it to the exam. After that I returned to Vietnam and changed it to plastic then transferred to Chi Ba live, so it is unclear if Chi Chi has a request like this or not, this is why you should go to the examination center by asking directly for peace of mind and not losing your money

2 - Original driver's license record. This place has a request place, is there a place. (Saitama requests it, and Chiba doesn't need it). Other places you should call or go directly to the center to make sure.

3 - Japanese translation by driver's license. Bring the original to the nearest JAF center (not necessarily the province you live in, the nearest place is up). Charge 3000 yen, wait about 30p.

The address you find in this website: Chiba himself asked for a certificate (認証) of the Vietnamese Embassy, 6000 yen.

You can send letters, with originals and 6000 yen and addresses. The Embassy will confirm and return it to you.

4 - Permanent residence certificate (住民 票) Please stay at 市 役 所 200 or 300 yen.

5 - Passport, alien card, 3x2.4 card photo taken within 6 months (this photo is not affixed to the title, so it doesn't need to be beautiful.)

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Registration and theory test

All of the above papers brought to the provincial examination center are now living for registration. The address is found on this web site

The necessary documents I recommend should call or directly to the center to ask carefully when conducting this and other translation. Avoid losing money, travel money with time. Because each place has 1 style, there is no other way.

Bring the file up, fill in the registration form, and the center person will ask what you want to change. 50cc or 125cc, scooter or car number. After that, I will take the theory test (学科 試 験). The theory consists of 10 sentences in 10 minutes, 7/10 is ok, there are Japanese and English and Japanese have hiragana phonetic transcription. Vietnamese is available (there are no Vietnamese in the center, Chiba and Saitama).

The fee is optional, I don't know the places, because I read a lot of articles but it's not the same. Minh 125cc in Chiba, the fee and practice fee is 2950 yen. Retesting the practice must also pay back that money.

Car 50cc, called gentsuki (原 付). Its law is not the same as motorbike, the simplest thing is that when going to the intersection to turn right, you have to turn into 2 times like a bicycle, you cannot drive directly. (but that is a law, but in fact, no one does it) But you pay attention when taking the theory test. This car only has a scooter.


125cc cars must be both theoretical and practical. Automotive theory. This type has 2 types: scooter and tipper. I have 125cc of tapered hands like this.

Documentation of driving license test in Japan


I bought "RULES OF THE ROAD" in the center of the JAF translation for 1300 yen, very useful. People can buy on amazon.

Buy a bookstore, say it is gentsuki or 125cc. Because it's different

In addition, some websites are very good: (tiếng anh).

My personal experience: If you are not confident in Japanese, then you should test English, if there is a little English. I couldn't give up English for 7 or 8 years, but still, the first broadcast was beans.

Just spend a little time learning the words firmly, reviewing some grammar like: Yes, so, shouldn't, be allowed ... is ok. Anyway, speaking English is easier to translate than Japanese.


コース của trung tâm thi bằng tỉnh ChiBa nhé.

OK, after passing the theory, proceed to get a license for 50cc, and 125cc then go to the health examination, this is simple, no worries. Then register for the practice exam schedule and receive the picture (コ ー ス) (Note that it is a picture of a car or a motorbike. I got them to give the car a picture of a car without noticing it, and when taking the exam Only know that there are not many times to study, if I go to the exam, I will remember to remember, so I forgot to turn off => make the first time)

THAM KHẢO : Tổng hợp kiến thức giao thông và những từ vựng giao thông cần biết tại Nhật

Practice driving a motorbike license in Japan

This is the hard part, most people do not pass 1. There are things that just go to the exam to know.

Bị Preparation: A hooded helmet, not open. Gloves. (Order on Amazon both for 4 to 5000 yen).

❖ Practice: (Optional). Ask the center if it can be registered for practice. If not, call the driver training schools to ask if there is any practice. This section is very important for you to be confident when taking the exam. I personally call over 10 schools, all of them do not have this service.

Personal experience: Sure everyone has bicycles right. If I do not practice on a motorbike, I will practice by bicycle, go to residential areas with many crossroads, less cars should go more freely, go as the motorbike's way: Go left, practice the way turn Japanese style (because the direction is opposite to Vietnam, so it often makes mistakes in this part). meet tomare sea (止 ま れ) then stop ...

❖ Take the exam: At the scheduled date, bring a hat, gloves, with all the documents, after the theory test, return to the center. When you come to the place, you will complete the procedure and go to the waiting room, here the supervisor will explain 1 turn of points to pay attention to, then read the issue number (when you change your diploma, there is no, the Japanese exam will be available) , I took a picture of a test run for a round and went to the official exam. Usually, people who have not exchanged diplomas will give the final exam, they are Japanese, so I have a chance to watch how they go.

❖ Points to note:

Sa Study carefully, so come earlier than the office hours to get a walk and study the way.

➣ Because I didn't go to the training school, when I watched the Japanese people, I had to pay attention to the way they took the test: Get in the car, get off the car, adjust the mirror, turn off the engine, turn off the kickstand ... and follow.

➣ Study a lot through video tutorials on youtube. The internet age that overlooked these things is a loss. How beautiful, how to turn, how to cross the bridge 一 本 橋 ...

❖ Some errors or mistakes:

➣ Reckless. Forgot to turn it on or off. I was sorry to forget to switch off at the first time so I could, because I was not used to the image, I was too focused on remembering the image. The rule is that before turning 30 meters, it must turn on. The problem is that in 30m there are 2 turns that you want to turn to the following road, how to do it? If you turn on at 30m before turning it will be deducted (minus how much you don't know), but you have to go through the first turn to turn on.

Toàn Safety inspection and confirmation: Before getting on the car, look back and look back (to make sure that you can see if they are outside). before that - xinhan confirmed on the road - run. That's the process, so follow. While running, turn to any side, then turn to the side, then look outside and then turn. Just looking through the mirror is no good, I have to look at it in a magnificent way. To the tomare sea (止 ま れ), stop, look at the two sides before running, go to the sign of the passerby, then run slowly and look at both sides. ...

➣ Falling at the bridge 一 本 橋: This is an iron bridge about 30 40cm wide, 8 9m long I'm not sure. This requires your ride skills.

Lý Handling obstacles: There will be obstacles in the middle, when you get there you need to slow down, turn on the other side and avoid the other side. When you avoid having enough safe distance (Yes, you can compete with yourself because of the distance with short obstacles).

After finishing the exam, go to the departure place and go to the supervisory room to hear the results. If I receive the application, I will return to the registration place to pay the money, take a photo and wait for the license. Well, go back there to register the exam schedule again.

That's it, hopefully the article will be useful for many people. If anyone fails, do not be discouraged, I take two tests, the first time I have a test of 14 people in both Japan, I and a Vietnamese comrade. Result of 1 person pass. The 2nd time is about 10 people, the result is 1 person. (That's me. Ohhzee is lucky. Haha). If you talk to the Japanese, then the 6 th exam has not passed, so don't be discouraged. For the sake of improving my own traffic.

Myself, I found that I passed the exam 2 times fast, if the first time I was not mistaken, I was able to pass the first time. It was because I prepared very carefully. Must be prepared to make up 70 to 80% success. After completing the examination, the knowledge of traffic law of Japan is quite good enough to participate in traffic, before going to the exam, I ride a bicycle around and bring a law book to read the contents of the signs. And more importantly, the driving skills, if anyone has not taken a car, ever, or not really mature, should register a scooter to not be distracted.



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